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What nature, eight batches in one night. He was not a woman in the old society, and he was deeply humiliated by these words that smeared his’chastity ‘and wanted to die. After reading them, he only felt that he had written a good’martial arts’, a good physical strength, and.. Shen Qinlan sent these photos of him and Wen Changze, although blurred, but the photos are really ambiguous, Qiao Xing himself can not help but save two. Originally, the matter should have ended here. Qiao Xing closed his micro-blog and went to work for a week. Wen Changrong secretly told the lawyer to prepare a lawyer’s letter. If the news of discrediting Qiao Xing jumped out again, the lawyer’s letter warned him, and then pulled him to court. The lawyer’s letter was useless, but things developed in a strange direction-# Qiaomou Red and White Rose # appeared on the topic page, and soon, the hot search of the same name landed in the first place. Qiao Xing is in the assistant, “the boss has a big event!” Click on the topic page in the cry of surprise, only to see that the first popular item is to forward more than 80,000 micro-blogs, and the publisher is a personal gossip Po owner. Do you remember “To the White Rose”? Qiaoqiao’s famous work [Dog’s Head and Tongue] was popular in the streets and alleys in those years. No one should have heard of it. It was after this song became popular that the price of the lyrics and songs of Qiaoqiao soared. Of course,tile profile factory, this is not important. Let’s taste the lyrics of this song “To the White Rose” again: “You make wine gently, which is hard to find in my life..” Everyone should be familiar with the lyrics, which describe the white rose as very gentle and unreachable. It is a famous song of “seeking but not licking dogs”. Now, tell me, is this word like writing white moonlight?! And emphasize the word “gentle” between the words.] Everyone knows and has heard “To the White Rose”, so do you know that Joe also has a song “To the Red Rose” in the same year? [Dog’s head and tongue] should be written before White Rose. It was bought by a confused singer. The song is not good. The number of plays of this song is still horrible and little known. Of course, it doesn’t matter! The important thing is the lyrics of “To the Red Rose”: “Gentle but scheming,aluminum tile trim, fingertips but seducing, I am a trapped animal falling into your trap, thinking that I was saved by you, but the result is only one in ten thousand..” Draw the key points! [Conspiracy] [Trap] [One in Ten Thousand], a sinister and cunning image of a playboy!] [Let’s take a look at Qiao Qiao’s interview in the early years about “To the White Rose”: [Video] In the video, the reporter asked Qiao what was the original idea of “The White Rose” and to whom it was written. Qiao answered: “To an old friend, idea.. Just like in the lyrics, it’s beautiful, but it’s out of reach. [The reporter teased and asked, “Is it the person you like?”? Jojo’s first love or ex-daughter. Boyfriend? Qiao Xing quickly shook his head (look carefully, there is a kind of panic after being exposed), replied: “Just an old friend, this old friend once helped me, and love has nothing to do.” [Then I searched the elder brother who played with his sister-in-law yesterday [the dog’s head stuck out his tongue] and found that the elder brother Wen Changze was engaged in the flower business. He has been doing charity for many years. He has been to Africa and other places. He also donated a lot of schools in China to support many poor students [photo] [photo]] [Joe’s background.. As we all know, tile trim factory ,stainless steel edge trim, the parents are dead, the family is not well off, so we dare to guess, maybe the Wen family rescued Joe in those years? Then Joe fell in love with the man who saved his life at first sight and for many years! [Dog Head] I guessed!] Then in the second half of the interview (I must give a thumbs up to the reporter who asked the question), the reporter actually did his homework! To know that Joe had written “To the Red Rose”! Reporter’s question: Red and white rose is a classic topic, “White Rose” is written to an old friend, then “Red Rose” is written to whom? Why one with roses and one with roses? [Joe (looking a little flustered, too) is stunned for a few seconds before answering: “The Red Rose” … It’s about a friend around me. The reporter asked: Friends? Joe: Well, I wanted to write a different image (smile awkwardly, it doesn’t look like I mean it), so I wrote this.
Reporter: The rose and the rose? Joe: At that time, I thought roses were rare, and roses could be seen everywhere. Haha, in fact, I wrote roses just to pretend to be like Liao. In the back, he wrote hundreds of words, which concluded that Qiao Xing loved Wen Changze for many years, thinking that Wen Changze had written White Rose, and Red Rose was the accusation of blood and tears that Qiao Xing had written after Wen Changrong’s slag. Finally, at the end of the article, he posted the photos of Wen Changzhe and Wen Changrong together with their deeds, which showed that Wen Changze was more in line with the gentle image of White Rose. Wen Changrong, on the other hand, is more like a’scumbag man red rose ‘, confirming the fact that Qiao Xing’loves two husbands’. Such a micro-blog with a guess obviously accurately hit the subtle’soul of dog blood ‘in many people’s hearts. When Qiao Xing finished reading this micro-blog, the forwarding volume increased by three or four thousand. He quickly turned down, the content of the topic page is even more incredible, in addition to firmly believing in the “red and white rose theory”, and even some people wrote their three colleagues, to him have written a Hu version of the “wrong love life”. Qiao Xing looks more and more complex expression, do not know why the plot will be such a development. He searched his name and related topics, and was surprised to find that most people believed that he had an affair, but few scolded him as a’scum man ‘, and few ridiculed him and Wen Changrong as a rotten pot. Most of them said, “Joe has endured so many years and finally derailed, which is gratifying”, “Mr. Wen knows? Will you be angry to death [dog’s head] Next is the rebirth of kicking away the scum man and the white moonlight HE plot, or the scum man repents and repents before chasing his wife.. After a cursory look, Qiao Xing realized. Normal people are exposed to marital derailment must be drowned by saliva, the object of derailment or her husband’s brother, it is very likely to get the evaluation of “disgusting to death”, but who is Wen Changrong-Wen Changrong is the person who has occupied the top of the list of artillery kings by his own efforts for many years, and at any time someone sends “Let me Kangkang who did boss Wen sleep with today”. Previously,aluminium tile trim profiles, the Bo named’Sister Rabbit’sent the micro-blog of him and Wen Changrong, which was very provocative, and his affectionate and bitter image of Little White Lotus was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. jecatrims.com

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