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The new episode of “National Idol” is on the air. Although the TV version of this program is fixed, the online version is often very touching, with few cuts. And in the later period, the number of viewers has increased at a staggering rate. The voting platform was also re-opened at the same time as the launch, and all the students’ mobile phones were confiscated at the same time in the training camp. However, the top ten in this competition have their own benefits. On the first day of the competition, they went through the long corridor to the lounge and let the top ten contestants enter. They could see the third program of the network version through the big screen. At their collective request, the program group used the big screen to broadcast the version with a bullet screen. There are also cameras in the lounge. It is estimated that their expressions will be filmed when they watch the game, which will also be broadcast as the content of the program. This time the seat is according to the ranking, Su Jinli sat in the first place, next to Wuyu and Anzihan, the two of them are sitting side by side for the first time. As soon as the video starts to open, it goes into a 90-second advertisement. An Zihan clapped his thigh and shouted, “Can’t you get a membership?” A few of the ten players snickered. Su Jinli did not speak,Industrial pallet rack, he felt that it was nothing to watch the advertisement for a while, so that he could save money. But on the whole, he is too poor. After the video began, when An Ziyan appeared, the fans began to dominate the screen. An Zihan looked at the screen and dug his mouth into a “0” shape. ” Why so many words all of a sudden? Su Jinli looked at so many bullet screens that his eyes were dizzy. Didn’t you use the bullet screen to watch videos before? Wuyu asked. No, I don’t know this function. Just now,long span shelving, I thought it was a special effect made by the program group, but it has always existed. “This is to see the comments of the audience in real time.” Wu Yu explained. Su Jinli couldn’t help sighing: “Brother An is so popular.” The person sitting next to him was Wuyu, so he only got a response of “um”, which made Su Jinli embarrassed and did not say any more. After Zhang Caini’s group came on the stage, the bullet screen was a little less. However, after Zhang Caini named Su Jinli, the bullet screen went crazy again. He looked hard and found that the content of the bullet screen was also very strange. Aaaaah, this little bitch is trying to seduce my husband! [Rival comes to fight!] [Anko has someone hooking up with your wife!] [The two are completely incompatible.] [The scheming woman wants to fire CP, but she won’t make an appointment with the little koi.] [Touching the head to kill!] Koi, you cheated on me! [Uh-uh-uh-uh.] [Zhang Caini smiles a little sweetly.] [Touching the head makes my girlish heart overflow.] [An Zihan takes care of your wife.] An Zihan sees here not to understand, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Pallet rack upright, ask doubtfully: “My wife?”? I’m not familiar with Zhang Caini at all. I haven’t talked to her. Chou Wen-yuan seemed to understand very well. He leaned over and said, “The daughter-in-law they’re talking about is Su Chin-li.” “Su Jinli?”? He’s my brother. “I guess you two have a sense of CP.” Su Jinli asked Wu Yu in a low voice: “What is the sense of CP?” “Uh..” You look like husband and wife. “Huh?” Su Jinli felt very strange, “but I am a boy.” “Don’t worry, I’m sure your taste won’t be so bad.” An Zihan immediately moved the chair and bumped into Wu Yu’s chair, causing Wu Yu to mutter in a low voice: “Childish.” When the performance was over, Zhang Caini ran to find Su Jinli to hug her. As a result, Su Jinli clapped hands with her. [2333 This passage was repeated three times.] It can be said that the family education of Su Jinli’s fans is very strict. [Single by strength, and strong, no problem.] [Cry by Cutie!] [Thought this couple was a little cute.] [Contrast-cute combination?] [Zhang Caini looks like an old driver.] Su Jinli looked at these bullet screens and tried to understand them, but he still felt that some words were very difficult to understand. He didn’t quite understand why these words appeared in this clip. This function is good, and you can see the reaction of the audience. Su Jinli sighed in opposition. You’re really a retro boy. Don’t you know that? Zhou Wenyuan was surprised. Su Jinli was still a little afraid of Zhou Wenyuan, so Zhou Wenyuan seldom answered, but secretly asked Wuyu.
Wu Yu is still too cold, which makes him a little lonely. Now Zhou Wenyuan took the initiative to talk to him, and he could only answer: “Yes, I don’t know.” “A while ago, my brother didn’t know where to buy a PSP. This kid is playing hard. I guess next time I give him a gramophone as a gift.” An Zihan followed with a sigh. What is a phonograph? Su Jinli asked again. An Zihan was helpless and shook his head: “Watch the program.” “Oh.” Su Jinli continued to watch the program disappointedly. Wait until Wu Yu comes on stage, you can see that Wu Yu’s popularity is also very high. When each group will compete, they will also play clips of their practice so that the audience can see what they look like when they practice. Wu Yu this group of fragments, is the difficulty of Wu Yu when they practice, there is a section of Su Jinli, An Zihan they leave the country. In the screen, there is a picture of Anzihan shaking his hips at Wuyu and being driven away by Wuyu, and the bullet screen is obviously crooked. [Loving and killing each other.] Wuyu is usually a cool boy, but when he meets Zihan, he breaks his work. Do they get together to perform cross talk? [I can’t bear to look at this picture..] After that, Wu Yu taught Chang Siyin to pronounce, and Su Jinli hummed along, with a nice voice and a dolphin sound, which made the screen explode again. Is the little mullet and the little koi a combination of aquatic creatures? [Strong singers in this competition: Wu Yu, Su Jinli, Wei Jiayu.] The little koi sings very well, and the voice is also very good. [Voice Kissed by Angel.] An Zihan looked at the bullet screen and said with a smile, “Really,pipe cantilever rack, mullet and koi, you two are a combination of aquatic creatures.” “I always feel like when my mom named me, she didn’t think it through or even read it for herself.” Wu Yu put his hands around his chest and said with a sigh. omracking.com

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