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The aunt was so excited that she didn’t know what to say and pulled the assistant to the house. The assistant was in a cold sweat. He was afraid that their president would slap him. He didn’t dare to rob their president’s woman. And the cloud wild is a face of ferocious, that old man actually said that the assistant is the husband, then what is he? Hateful. Xiaoting, your husband has come to take you home! Aunt pulled her assistant to Lin Weiting. She was shocked to hear her husband Lin Weiting. She couldn’t believe he came. When she looked up and saw a handsome but strange face, she almost fainted. Was her husband like this? If only it were true. How handsome. The assistant always wanted to say something, but he never had a chance to open his mouth. The president behind him did not speak. He nodded shyly to Lin Weiting, expressing embarrassment. Aunt, you made a mistake, he is not my husband! It was so embarrassing that she finally sat up and really didn’t know how to describe her kind aunt. Ah Aunt looked at Lin Weiting, and then looked at the handsome boy she was pulling, with an incredible face. Yes, aunt, our president is looking for Miss Lin Weiting. “The assistant finally spoke, very embarrassed to say, blushing.” Ah, but it was you who knocked at the door and said you were looking for-. Before she could finish, Yunye had come over and looked at the half-sitting woman on the bed with an ugly face. The child had never looked at her at all. Originally, he thought that he would care about the child very much and would run to hold the child as soon as he saw the child, but when he saw the long-lost woman, his heart suddenly tightened and could not leave her sight. And Lin Weiting, also finally saw him after giving birth to a child,MBR reactor, a heart up and down, do not know what to think, in short, to him, but she has been very afraid, no, say awe, lest he is not happy. When there were only three people left in the room,Wall Penstocks, it was finally quiet. What are you doing here? He didn’t speak for a long time, so she could only speak timidly. That one When he looked up at her, she finally stopped, lowered her head, looked at the baby beside her and dared not speak. Am I a monster? Don’t sulk at the sight of me, will you? He was really strange. Maybe he was used to his ex-wife not taking him seriously. Suddenly, a woman who was so afraid of him made him uncomfortable. Oh She still lowered her head, oh, she was just afraid that he would be angry, just afraid that he would think she would give birth to a baby on her own initiative. Oh, what? Oh, who told you to run around with my baby? Didn’t I tell you to have it? He still frowned, a face of displeasure, looking at her that some grievance, he could not bear to scold her. I’m sorry Is really a silly girl, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,wall penstocks, this kind of thing also said sorry to him, hey! “You-come back with me!” Really speechless, but the only certainty is that he is distressed, distressed that she lives in such a humble house, distressed that she wears so shabby, distressed her grievance. Ah She finally looked up because she was so scared. What did he want? You can stay if you want, but my son must come back with me! He finally saw the doll lying on the bed and sleeping soundly. It looked so lovely. She looked at him and finally smiled, she did not dare to speak, everything, listen to him, but, to wait for the full moon, now children can not go out of the house. Will you go with the baby after the full moon? It’s not yet one month old, and the child can’t see the wind yet. She said submissively, not daring to look up at him. And he finally turned his eyes away and saw her face from the baby’s face. All right, let’s wait until your mother and son are over the full moon, and then we’ll see how I’ll settle accounts with you. His voice was very soft, but he gnashed his teeth and seemed to be full of resentment.
Back to the villa, the baby’s birthday, finally, they got a marriage certificate, although there is no ceremony, but not he wants to treat her badly, but she does not want to, too shy. This night has been very lively, the baby slept very sweet, she also assured the baby to the aunt, back to the room, he has been naked, naked lying in bed waiting for her. She blushed and walked over submissively, thinking of their first time, she was ashamed to death, thinking of his entanglement these days, her escape, tonight, it seems that she can no longer escape. If you don’t come here quickly, I will be overbearing in the ink! He shouted discontentedly, like a resentful woman. These days, he was really going crazy. He was a very normal man. He had no woman since she left. For three months, he watched her every day, slept in the same bed with her, and endured it all the time. He swore that if he endured it again tonight, he would not be a man. The baby seems to be crying. I’ll go and have a look first. Said to run, but unexpectedly, just opened the door was closed by him, he quickly to her side, a force to pick her up, so that she can not escape. How can I see you escape? He smiled,Belt Filter Press, a strange smile, like a child who wanted to eat sugar, and finally saw the sugar again and couldn’t stop. khnwatertreatment.com

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